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Connecting your channels

By connecting your channels (e.g. Google Assistant, Alexa, Facebook Messenger etc.) to Delight, you ensure Delight can receive and send events for your bot.

If you wish to go live with your branded bot: Take option A: setup and connect your own channels.

If you wish to quickly try out Delight with zero configuration: Take option B: test using our sandbox on Delight channels.

Option A: Connecting your own channels#

If you are new to voice and chatbots: Choose and setup channels, then connect your channels to Delight.

If you already have existing bots running: Copy and paste your bot’s information onto Delight.

Channel Credentials Page

Option B: Testing using Delight’s sandbox#

If you wish to try out Delight with zero configuration: You can use Delight’s sandbox – Delight’s own set of live bots on each platform – for testing purposes. You can access your own private sandbox by inputting a sandbox PIN generated by Delight.

Sandbox bot

Here are testing instructions for your sandbox, specific to each channel. After you are done testing, you can connect your channels to go live.