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Receive and respond to event

The event object posted to you will be using Connector API’s Event format. After receiving the event object at your webhook, you can:

Run application logic#

This part is completely up to you and depends on what problem you are looking to solve.

If you are running an e-commerce bot to answer customer inquiry about product information, perhaps your application logic involves parsing out the product name or category from the event object and looking up a product database. If you are building a customer support bot, perhaps your application logic involves looking up an FAQ system.

Create user response#

The final task is to respond to our HTTP post at your webhook. The response object should be in Connector API’s Response format, and contains the information you wish to reply the user with.

Delight will interpret the response object you send, translate it to the formats expected by each of the channels, and optimized for the user’s device.

GitHub samples#

We have created some working samples on GitHub to show sample implementations of reading Event objects, running some simple business logic, and returning Response objects. Feel free to use them as working templates to customize further.

Testing your integration#

Congratulations - you have now successfully integrated with Delight Connector API!

You can try saying something to your voice bot and typing to your chatbot (or Delight’s sandbox bots). The bot should respond according to your wishes.

Future proof#

We will continue adding channels support and new features to the API. Since you have already integrated with the Connector API, as new channels are added, they should be able to take advantage of them seamlessly. You can also check out this list of benefits using our API.

Congratulations again, and welcome to the Delight developer community.